SILKIES when will she sit on her eggs


10 Years
Apr 3, 2009
Well we had taken all 8 of my silkies eggs last month . We put them in bator because she has a history of eating eggs. Well we got to day 21 and all of them died it was the most depressing thing yet. In the mean time she had not been laying again
so i stuck 3 tiny eggs from my new layers in her nesting box 3 days later she started laying. She now has 7 perfect eggs in there . So my question is how many do they lay before they sit??

Its not a set number I'm afraid... its really anyone's guess as to how many... some silkies don't go broody believe it or not! I have a buff silkie who is not 1 year old and has NEVER gone broody.

Now it is said that silkies could go broody as often as after only laying 19 eggs. I wouldn't doubt less, and I wouldn't doubt more.

I have a mama who raised some chicks up until now (6 weeks old) and she's TRYING to set eggs again after only laying about 4-5 eggs since her last hatch.

Its really just a wait and see thing dear... good luck... I hope she sets for you!!!
I just dont want her eggs to go bad she started laying a week ago. She has 7 in there i guess i will keep a eye on her for the next few days. Thanks

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