Silky & chook Feet & Water Damage

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    I live in Australia & we've had weeks & weeks of rain which has kept the coop mushy & wet for all that time. The chickens are ok at the moment. I have a silky rooster that has feathers on his feet. I have kept him out of the coop & in the dry garage off & on.
    The chickens however, have been scratching around in the mud. I put some clean dry straw over the covered coops floor, during the rain. It rained so hard sometimes that it went into the covered part of the coop & wet the straw. But the chooks still scratch around digging big muddy holes. The thing is Im worried about their feet. Ive heard there is a disease they can get if the ground remains soaked in water. So far so good, their feet are ok. Weather today looks promising tho it rained heavily last night. Im going to wait at least 2 rain free days & nights before I let Rockyroo....(rooster) out. Is there any other ideas for keeping the covered area at least dryer, & scratch free? Its also starting to stink from the constant wet.
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    Last summer here we had two tropical systems and a whole lot of regular rain. About a years worth in two months. I thought my run would never dry. If your chickens have dry perch to roost so their feet can dry that's good. A platform under cover that if it gets wet drys quickly would be good. Put some food or some thing to attract them there. Gives them a place to dry off during the day.

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