Silky ducks for sale in MI...SOLD!!!!!

LOL!! When I read the title, I thought it said SILLY ducks for sale! LOL I think it's time for an eye exam...

LOL LOL My ducks are pretty silly. I wanted to see what other people's silly ducks looked like!
Hi Settler,

Not sure if you are talking to me or the OP, but if me, then my duckies came from a guy that raises jumbo Pekins. He had a "visitor" duck (who we believe was Swedish) come and visit one of his Pekin hens. The results were 8 of the ducks like mine that look like Swedish ducks. I bought four from him. Two silver/blue ones and two black ones. All have white bibs. One is a drake and three are hens. They were 4 months old in the pic on my avatar. That was right after I got them. I have had them just over 2 months,so they are about 6 months old now. And, a good bit bigger than when I got them! They filled out and got bigger over all.
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Settler'sDreamFarm :

Your ducks are very nice,were did you get them??

Thank you Settler! I bought them from a local breeder. She's got a lot of different waterfowl that she's been raising for years.​
It's hard to see in the pics, and these are young birds, but Silky duck feathering is much different than normal duck feathering...more "wispy". Also, unlike call ducks and some other bantam ducks, Silky ducks cannot fly.
hmmm, thats different, I wonder why they cant fly. I thought all ducks could fly except rouens ? unless you clip their wings of course.
I believe that one of the reasons they can't fly is due to the texture of their feathers...much like Silkie chickens.

Runner ducks can't fly either. I have 2 black runner ducklings...and it's pretty obvious that their wings are way too small to accomodate flight.

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