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    Oct 29, 2007
    My most favorite chicken, Gertie the 7 month old silky hen, laid her first 7 eggs and went broody. Question one: I know silkies are known for going broody, but I didn't expect this, the first 7 eggs she lays in her life and at the beginning of winter, give me a break! I'm kinda worried, does anyone have suggestions on how to handle a hen who is soo broody? I was considering letting her sit on some golf balls in the spring then bringing in some chicks from the feed store around day 21. Question two: Anybody have any thoughts on this matter? Will it work or do I need to buy fertile eggs and let her sit?

    So after she went broody, my dad put a board on the nest and kicked her out (she only had one egg in the nest when she went full on broody and no more than 2 eggs were ever left in the nest). Later that day, Gertie was gone out of the coop. She never has left the yard before, but she was nowhere to be found, we looked everywhere. We even posted signs. The fence is 6 ft tall and I have a 4 foot dug in barrier underground, so I really don't know how she got out. We thought a hawk must have gotten her. She was gone for 2 weeks then yesterday, my husband opened the back gate and in waltzes Gertie. She is really skinny and is missing all of her "flight" feathers (they don't really work very well) on her wings. It is a mystery, but I'm guessing she must have been sitting all this time? Anyone have any stories like this? I'd love to hear them if you do! We are coddling her, feeding her treats and cooing at her. I was so sad when I thought she was dead. She is the best and cutest little hen. I'm really glad she is back and I want to make sure she doesn't sit herself to death! I also will be reinforcing all of the coop again so she doesn't run away, we have coyotes and foxes here! I have no idea how she managed to live out there on her own for two weeks and how she found her way back home, waited for the gate to open and came back!
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    Hi Sam! Welcome to BYC! [​IMG]

    One of our Banty Mottled Cochins decided to go broody on us last weekend. Here's Goofball's tale. Dang golf-ball hatchin' biddie! [​IMG]


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