Silky rooster couldn’t lift head..?!


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Aug 17, 2019
Hello everyone I went to go let my chickens out this morning to free range and to my surprise I found my silky rooster laying in a ball I couldn’t tell where his head started and where his butt ended. I picked him up I gave him to my fiancé he couldn’t lift his head at all , my fiancée gave him back to me I held onto him trying to figure out what to do that went on for about five minutes and then decided to try to put him back down on the ground and then he walked around and he lifted his head up ..
Offered him yogurt/tuna didn’t touch it out Tylan in his water unsure if he drank it, he did eat his feed he was moving around after a while acting normal, went to go give some spring mix and watermelon and upon me walking out there he crowed. Seems to be ok now.. just seeing if anyone had any thoughts behind this? Thanks!
First pic is this morning and I thought I’d just attach a normal pic of him from earlier this year.
I’m not very experienced with this kind of thing but maybe it was some small episode of wryneck? I know it’s a vitamin deficiency and they can have problems standing and lifting up their heads? I’m glad he’s okay now. Maybe just give him some extra vitamins just in case.
It sounds like wry neck, but it may come and go. If you see it again, start some poultry vitamins and give a Vitamin E 400 IU pearl daily for a couple of weeks. Wry neck is a neurological symptom which may be caused by vitamin E or thiamine deficiency, a head injury, or sometimes a symptom of certain diseases, such as Mareks. Silkies seem to be prone to wry neck.

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