Silky rooster off balance wont walk

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Jun 17, 2020
Northern California
Please help! My silky rooster came out of his coop yesterday morning off balance only wants to lay down, no crowing either, seemed fine day before, I gave him nutri drench, and he did eat some hard boiled egg and a little crumble feed, but he eats laying down or I hold him up, when standing he puts his wings out like trying to get balance. I have him in a dog kennel at the moment. It has been extremely hot here, I'm in California. I do run misters when we're extremely hot like last weekend was 112,
He's in the house now ,so he doesn't get dehydrated in the heat.
This morning no improvement. But he has some diarrhea. And still no crowing,he's normally very vocal.
Should I give him more nutri drench if having diarrhea?
His normal living conditions, he's in a 18 foot covered run, that he's always been in. No changes.
He gets meal worms, soldier fly mix, sunflower seeds, greens, frozen peas in ice, in heat watermelon, as treats (not daily) and of course his feed.
Please help he's our pet, I'm not even sure he knows he's a rooster, he loves to be carried around and his cuddling.
Thank you for any help.

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How old is he?

I would work on hydrating him. Offer plain water. Once a day direct dose him with the PND at a rate of 1cc per 3lbs of weight.
I would also consider giving him 1/4 tablet B-Complex once a day for several days as well.

Cut out the treats and focus on him eating his feed and bits of egg.

Do you know if he was vaccinated for Marek's?
Do you have other cockerels/roosters - could he have been injured/pecked in the head?

You ran misters, was he drinking from puddles?

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