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  1. my broody hens are INSANE. My chantecler went broody, so I gave her a dozen 'fertile' eggs. this prompted her sister to go broody also, and i kept catching our brahma sitting on the nest if the twins went out to get food or go poo. so I got another dozen for the hens to share, but this dozen is a week younger than the first dozen. anyway, i just snuck out into the coop (checked the latch before I went in so i wouldn't get stuck again!), to candle, and somehow, the brahma has stolen ALL the eggs. luckily, i marked week 1 with an X and week 2 with an O... so i just had to move all hens and reorganize all the eggs... silly broodies!
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    I gave up on rearranging the eggs, I just take the babies until I get a good amount, then snatch one of the mamas off the nest and give them to works [​IMG]
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    My Brahmas would have any eggs when they went broody and would certainly steal anybody's.
    Try to separate them up a bit if you are concerned as to who hatches what eggs, otherwise don't worry!

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  4. since the eggs are a week apart, I want the chanteclers (i don't care which one!) to raise the first batch, and the brahma raise the second batch. that way, I can be sure that all the eggs from the first batch get enough time, if some are slow to hatch, I'll just put them under the brahma, and if they still haven't hatched by the time the second batch hatches, I'll chuck 'em. This morning, Brahma had a DUCK egg... i don't even know how she got that... the ducks lay their eggs either by the pond or in their own house... weird.

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