Silly chickens...


9 Years
Aug 10, 2010
Monroe New Jersey
On Sunday I switched my wood shavings out for sand in the is now Friday and my chickens are still playing the game... "Don't touch the floor".
. they are doing any and everything not to step on it... they walk along the roost to the pop door, fly from nest box to nest box to get to the door and it is the reverse when they come in... the floor is the same sand they walk on in the run.... they are just being big babies I tell ya!!!
oh believe me they are pooping in it... but its soooo easy to clean up.. came home from work today to find that some one attempted to walk accross the sand... so thats one down and 11 more to go.. OMG don't touch the floor it may suck you up and eat you alive!!!!! The BOSS I threw down yesterday is stil there..!!!

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