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    Sep 15, 2012
    'Its in the 60's tonight. I went to the coop to make sure everyone was warm. I couldn't find one of my "mom"s, "Rose", but she nor her chicks could be found. I checked my yard, as my birds free range, but no hen or chicks. When I returned to the coop, the mom was at the feeder eating. Still no chicks, but I could hear them. Finally found them hiding under my BIG bad orpington rooster, "Red". LOL! Silly Bird.

    Went out today to feed/water everyone and found one of my "mom"s taking on our big Peking drake, "Donald". GO! MOM! GO!

    I think we are accumulating way too many chicks at one time. I have 6 barred rocks and 2 peking ducklings in my brooder. 3 eggs hatching tonight under a hen, 2 more to hatch tomorrow under same hen, 5 duck eggs and 6 chickens to hatch soon. Plus 10 more good eggs I took from an abandoned nest box. I'm running out of room. Teehee! If they all survive, then I will have to start selling them to pay for more feed.
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    [​IMG] They sure can surprise you, can't they? Enjoy!

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