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    Aug 8, 2009
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    My first egg was Christmas morning, and most days since I have found an egg; Friday I got two. I was excited to get them ( and still am), but it was always ME who found them. I was feeling rather bad that DH hadn't found one himself, as he's the one who has done the most work on the coop. Well, this morning when he went out to open up, there was an egg for him. He told me about it when I got up later. I asked him if he'd weighed it (I'm keeping track to see how they grow as laying progresses) but he said he hadn't,just that he'd washed it! I asked him why, and he said it had poo on it. I explained that I don't wash the eggs, just brush off any dirty stuff, weigh it, then put the date on it, then told him to eat the egg as it wouldn't keep as long as the others. He enjoyed the egg, but now I'm wondering if I over-reacted. How long would it have kept after it had been washed (assuming he washed it correctly)?
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    I think you'll get responses on both side of the fence on this.

    I've had my girls for almost three years now, and I use a damp cloth to clean any egg that doesn't look clean to me. I haven't had any problems. Commercial chicken farms wash all their eggs and people eat those with no problem. So I "wash" mine....I'm just not a big fan of dirt in my fridge [​IMG]

    That said, if any egg is too dirty, I crack it open and give it to the barn cats - I'm their hero!
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    I wash all my eggs that are gathered for eating , and never wash the ones slated to be hatched .
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    Apr 18, 2010
    Washed and put in the fridge, it will last for a LONG time.

    Washed and put on the counter, not as long, but I'd eat it after a few days, maybe up to a couple weeks.

    Unwashed and on the counter, a few weeks easy.

    All our eggs go on the counter unwashed, and then get washed when I box them up to sell. The folks I sell to tend to eat them up within a week [​IMG]
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    Quote:I wash all my eating eggs-the ones to be hatched I spot clean-but I try and have tons of fresh pine shavings in nesting boxes so I dont have to spot clean them very often-
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    Lots of pine shavings here too. My eggs are either used by us or given to friends. I explain that they are not washed. I wipe them off if dirty but only wash right as I am getting ready to use them. They are in carton in the fridge. I have only had one that was 'dirty' and I washed it and used it right away.
  7. Kelly G

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    Quote:This! I forgot to mention that I will only set eggs that are "naturally" clean.
  8. sonew123

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    Mar 16, 2009
    onchiota NY
    Quote:If i dont have time to clean them right away-I leave them in cartons on counter. I usually wind up waiting for 4-5 days, then do a huge washing moment-every egg. I get 15-+ a day ( not including hatching eggs) and Ill stand there watching TV for an hour while cleaning-I love cleaning eggs
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    Ours stay on the counter in a basket sometimes for a few days. We clean them before putting them in the fridge, or right before we use them off the counter.
  10. donrae

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    It really doesn't matter HOW he washed it, it still would have lasted two weeks or so in the fridge. All store bought eggs are washed, and they last a long time. Go easy on him [​IMG]

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