Silly little barred she doing what i think?

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  1. OK, I got a new-to-me cochin recently. She's cute and happy and a little fluffy butt. Like she's wearing pantaloons. We named her Emily. She seems like an Emily to me.

    When I pet her, she squats low and slightly spreads her wings out. And she sways a little. Almost like a little drunk with her wings out for stability. What is she doing?
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    She is ready to be bred by a roo and should be laying eggs either now or soon.
  3. that's what I thought her little display was all about. But I didn't want to get my hopes up that she could be laying soon. Also she is a talker. yak, yak, cluck, cluck, cluck, Bruuuuuucckkk, brrrruuuuuccckkkk. The other three aren't really...chatty. Is it her breed or just her presonality? She's a bantam barred cochin.
  4. anyone? are your cochins chatty? are bantams more chatty??
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    I raise Bantam and Standard Cochins. They are very chatty birds. I talk to them and they talk back. I know it sounds crazy, but yes, I talk to my chickens all the time! [​IMG]

    I have young pullets that are doing that when I pet them. They are getting ready to breed and lay. When the rooster approaches them, they squat for him to breed them. Silly chickens!!!
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  6. She musta taught my two EE's They are doing it now too. MY RIR doesn't really. Or maybe the EE's were doing it and i didn't notice.
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    Banty cochins love to talk and get in the last word.[​IMG]
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    Oh that is sweet that she talks to you. I have two standard is very quiet and the other just talk talk talk talk as soon as she sees me.

    Enjoy will love her too pieces....cochins grow on your fast.

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