Silly mean silkies...And their out of this world broodyness Help plz!!


11 Years
Jul 29, 2008
Eastern, Kentucky
One of my many mean silly silkie girls has decided to go broody again. She just hatched chicks about 1 month ago.

Anyways she free ranges and has picked a nice dirt spot behind some old tarps and cages and has been laying eggs there for awhile. She decided today was the day to go broody. GREAT! not anywhere protected or any place I want her to set on eggs.

SO Should I leave her? or try to move her?

I thought about building some fence around where she is....and adding some nice warm hay under her.

Good idea? Or should I move her to a better protected location? I tried a pet taxi put it in the place of where she was sitting and she was not having none of that..LOL

Any advice would be great Iv had my fair share of silly mean broodies brooding all over the place but never outside of a protected closure.

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