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    "Let's order all our logs in one go," said Joe. "It'll be cheaper and we won't have to think about firewood again for ages."

    So we did. Stupidly.

    The truck came, and the logs were tipped into the street. (We live in a tiny, remote, mountain village in Spain.) It took us 9 painful hours to clear the street and stack the logs and I have aches in places I didn't even know had muscles. The log shed is full though, hurrah, and we won't need any more for at least a year.

    Victoria [​IMG]

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    Quote:[​IMG] OMG!! I bet you are sore!!
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    Wow...that does look like it was a lot of work! 9 hours?! [​IMG]
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    Be careful what you wish for. You might get it.

    I lived outside of Cadiz for a while. I could see something like that happening. Thanks for sharing.
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    I bet your neighbors were just thrilled to have the street blocked by your logs.

    Hope you have a good long soak and some nice wine as a pain killer. [​IMG]
  6. VictoriaTwead

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    The logs arrived on Wednesday and the village has only about 8 inhabitants during the week, so we didn't have any neighbors to annoy, thank goodness. By the end of 9 hours we felt like zombies, haha! Still stiff today but a few chilled wines always help...

    Just settling down now to watch a soccer match between England and Spain. Hard to know which one to cheer on - divided loyalties. [​IMG]


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