Silly question bout the flock raiser/all purpose feed...

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  1. Amethyste

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    MY husband stopped off to get a bag for me cos I wanted to try it out in a few weeks with the girls when we switch everyone over to the main feed from the grower.

    However he got the layer feed <that I asked him to NOT get but that is a different story lol> When I called to see about exchanging the unopened bag, the lady there was adamant that I did NOT want to feed them the higher protein flock raiser/all purpose pellets cos it would make them fat.

    Is that really something I need to worry about? I really just wanted them to be on higher protein than the 16% layer feed. They always have oyster shell availiable...

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    The flock raiser is fine, I have never heard of it making them fatter. I mix my flock raiser with the layena pellets and my chooks love it. I have yet to see anyone get fatter. [​IMG] especially if they are allowed to free range.
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  3. Amethyste

    Amethyste For Love of Boo...

    Thats what I thought... they are in a coop and a run, but really I cant see it being that big of a deal lol

    She was freaking tho lol " OMG you KNOW they cause them to be overweight and fat right?? RIGHT? IT's NOT GOOD" lol

    I hung up the phone and thought well dang lol have a cow whydontcha lol
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    I was worried about the same thing. I have 30+ chickens that are not quick 3 mos old. I just read a book last night about raising chickens, and they were adamant that I need to mix the starter feed with oats so that the girls don't mature too fast, get fat, and turn out to be susceptible to fertility problems. Huh?

    I had been feeding my first 16 ladies straight starter feed. Then got 15 more this week that were supposedly hatched the same time. The new birds are much smaller than my birds. I am pretty sure the family who raised them mixed corn in with their feed. My first birds are free range, so I don't have much control over what they eat. New birds are still in quarantine (which is killing me!)

    Advice would be appreciated!
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    You'll hear all kinds of weird advice from feedstore personnel (certainly, some of them know their stuff, but I've heard ludicrous non-facts in feedstores way too many times). When I asked for a certain 16% layer pellet at the Purina store (this was a Faithway Feeds brand I usually got at the co-op, but was at the Purina store for something else), they had it, but the guy told me the locals like it because it made the birds aggressive. [​IMG] The only reason I can think he said that is that it contains animal protein, which I prefer, and Purina pushes their vegetarian feeds. Ridiculous nonsense.

    I never mixed anything with oats. They are trying to replicate grower feed, which has about 15% protein to slow down their reproductive development just before point of lay. Chick starter/grower only has 18% usually, anyway, and I can't buy grower here unless it's Game Bird Flight Conditioner.
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    Quote:Is that a good thing? Necessary?
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    Jun 30, 2009
    Flock Raiser is a 20% protein crumble good for all poultry. I feed it to my ducks, guineas, and chickens of all ages. I don't see the need to medicate animals that are not sick, and Flock Raiser is unmedicated.

    Only my hens that are currently laying get Purina Layena. I throw in a little scratch for variety.

    It's one of Purina's "Sun Fresh" recipes, so while it's not organic, it is supposed to be all natural.

    For my tiny Serama chicks, I run the crumbles through the coffee grinder and make it finer. They love it.

    By the way, Tractor Supply is now carrying Purina, if you are looking for Flock Raiser.

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    Too early sexual development may result in weakness but probably always leads to small body size and small eggs.

    Commercial outfits, with pullets indoors, also limit the amount of light during growth for the same reason.

    I just give more garden treats to developing pullets, along with their Flock Raiser.


    edited to say: the veggies in their diets also lowers the protein levels of their diet . . .
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    The best folks to ask questions about Purina products are the reps at Purina. Go to their website or call their toll-free number. IMO, that's the reason for paying the extra $$$ for their feed, to have their huge staff of scientists, nutritionists, behaviorists, etc-ists at your service whenever you have questions.

    Also, IMO, there are no silly questions except the ones you fail to ask...
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    I feed my young birds Flock Raiser, so they don't get too much calcium. The layers and roos get Layena. And the ducks get Flock Raiser plus floating game fish feed. And everybody gets some cracked corn (they call it corn chop around here) and whole oats.

    I also let the chickens free range for an hour or so a day, and give them table scraps. And if I need to get them back into the pen quickly, I lure them with semi-moist, crumbled dog food... the kind that looks like hamburger meat.

    So far, everybody seems happy and healthy!

    Kathy, Bellville TX

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