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12 Years
Jun 6, 2007
I want to get a few different varieties of day olds and was wondering if they are all day olds, can they all be in the same coop, or do different breeds need to be separated when they are younger( until we find out who's female and who's male). My hubby would really have a fit if I made him build a bunch of different coops, we already have to build(add on) to our existing one when we get our day old white rocks, since they can't be in with our hens we got last year.

So, I could probably put some silkies,cochins,brahma's,some barred plymouth rocks, and maybe a couple of rouen ducks all together when they are day olds?? I think we will likely get more of the plymouth barred rocks as we want them for meat, and the rest will be more of "pet" birds". Oh man, I could really go nuts this spring with all the different types of birds I'd like to get.
I don't know about the ducks, but all the chicks should be fine together as babies.

Some people don't keep bantams, (the silkies) together with standard hens as adults, but it seems it is often fine if they grew up together and have space.
So far I have not had any problems and we have been playing with them a lot. They will be out of that brooder soon.. We tried to move them already and when we put them in their own box they started screaming and would not stop until they were put back with the chicks...
My daughter is the one that really wants the ducks, so I guess untill they get big enough, we can try them in with the chicks, and than move them into their new area. My brother said they don't need too much room if you only have a few ducks, so once they are old enough, it shouldn't be too hard to make a small covered in area for them to be in on their own. Don't ducks make alot more poopy mess? Would that affect the baby chicks in any way?
I wouldn't want to try and keep ducklings and chicks together although I know some people do. Knowing the wet mess that ducklings make I wouldn't want to expose my chicks to that. I guess I you have a giant brooder then it might work.

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