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    I want to have everything I need when the time comes to take a few chickens from my brother who is being overwhelmed with eggs :) I am building a coop and purchasing the necessary items to take care of them. I will only be taking 3 hens because I want them to have lots of room in their new coop. Here is the question. I have no idea how much water they drink in a day and was wondering what size waterer to get for them. I want to get a heated one for the winter months. Thanks to all of you. This is a great site for information. I am learmning a lot!
    Nancy :)
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    Jul 6, 2011
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    you can use what ever size you like,
    If you use a one gallon container it will last them one-two days,
    a five gallon waterer it may last them a week,
    (just keep in mind that they should be cleaned often)
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    Thank you. I have been mulling over waterers online and did not know what size to get. I have seen heated bowls that you can put a waterer into. Would that work ok? Or will they try to perch on it and knock it over?
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    The smallest heated waterter (for poultry) I've seen is 3 gallons.

    ETA: a heated bowl, like one intended for a dog, will work fine, however, they do seem to get dirtier than regular poultry waterers, becuase chickens scratch...a lot....and fling shavings, etc. So, with one of this type, you would want to set it up on a cinder block int the coop to deter them from dirtying the water.
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    I saw a heated dog bowl that holds 96 oz of water for outdoor use. It is on a website for chicken owners. I was thinking.....I could be mistaken.....that I could use it inside or outside the coop depending on the weather circumstances. I will have sand in the run and sand in the coop to keep things dry and clean. They say you can fit a waterer into this bowl, which I may try. It is a bit pricey, but I'm sure it will last a very long time. Putting the waterer up on blocks is a must, I'm sure.

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