silly Roo!!


10 Years
Oct 6, 2009
Shelbyville, Tennessee
my silly RIR Roo is insisting on being in the house tonight for some reason... lol. we had the windows and doors open all day because it has been cool out and this evening he politely strutted himself in the back door. we put him out and put a gate up to keep him out but he jumped up on the gate knocking it down and came in again. so we put him back out and shut the door. now he is standing on the back steps occasionally jumping up hitting the door. i don't know what he wants but if he don't stop he is liable to give himself a! Silly Rooster!!!

My rooster has a few screws loose too. Never tried to come in the house though, even when the hens sneak in.
I have a little cockerel who follows me everywhere. He tries to follow me into the house, but that would be detrimental to his health due to the dogs we have
One day my son left the back door open (you know always saying to your kid...what were you born in a barn?), It had been open about 2 minutes. I felt a draft and went to see were the draft was coming from.
As I turned into my kitchen much to my shock 6 hens and 1 rooster from my flock had quietly strolled in. They had found the cats dish and were helping their selves.

I looked at them and asked..and what do you think your doing? At that the rooster (Big Red) flapped his wings at me and in through the back door walked my momma hen and her 5 week old chicks. I now had 7 hens, 1 rooster and 5 chicks in my kitchen and peering in from out side the door was 3 more.
I stomped my foot, pointed at the door and told them to leave. They did as fast as their little legs could go.

As the last one went out...... my Hubby came in the door.

He looked at me, then asked....Barn Dance tonight?
My hens know exactly where the cat food dish is in the kitchen. Leave the kitchen door open for even a minute and they are in and gobbling that food as fast as they can before they run out again.

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