Silly Story of Cackling Hens

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    A funny story: The other night I got the chickens settled in their appropriate henhouses and locked the doors. As I was walking up the hill toward my trailer I heard one of the chickens start that 'alarm' cackle they do when they get really scared of something. Then all the chickens were cackling at the top of their lungs! I ran back down, not knowing what was wrong, but I thought maybe the lightbulb came apart from the reflector pan and scared them. I opened the door and stood there and looked at the light (was okay), all around the henhouse, checking the roof, the walls, the plexiglass window, looked in the nesting boxes, etc. Nothing. So, I fussed a little at all the chickens for scaring me and left to trudge back up the hill. No sooner than I was halfway up that hill and here they go again. I never heard such a ruckus, so down I ran and burst into the henhouse thinking I had missed a rat or a snake hiding somewhere. But...nothing. They calmed down and stopped cackling but I knew something was wrong. Again I just stood there looking carefully all around, and then I realized what it was. My buff orpington, Opal, was spending the night in a nesting box that is about 6" off the floor. The box is in a corner, so on two sides there is only a whitewashed wall. On another side I enclosed the box with a couple of 4" wide boards, leaving a space of about 1/2" between the two boards (not on purpose, it's just that I'm not a carpenter). On that side, there is a space of about 18-20 inches with nothing in it except pine shavings on the floor and a hanging feed dispenser. One of my very large DBrahmas had gone around behind the feed dispenser and from where Opal was sitting in the nesting box, she could see through that 1/2" crack and all she could see was something dark moving back and forth as the Brahma was moving around behind the dispenser, and it was scaring the stew out of her. I unhooked the dispenser and got the Brahma out of the space beside the nesting box and put her up on a roosting board and all was calm at last. I fussed a little more (and had to turn my head so they wouldn't see me laughing) and left, and all was quiet when I reached the back door. Looking back at the glow of light coming from the henhouse I thought to myself - good night my silly little girls...sweet dreams. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] hahhaa! thats too cute!!!!!!! thanks for sharing!!! [​IMG]
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    They are characters aren't they! Cute story![​IMG]
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    Awww don't you just love doing chicken chores?! I love going out to the coop. Chickens are no dummys. They know how to call a Mighty Mouse when you need one.

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