Silly Teen Mom Wannabe Chick


9 Years
Aug 3, 2010
The Naugatuck Valley
I guess my chickens have been watching "16 And Pregnant" or something....and now they want to be mommies.

Went out to feed my 6-month old chickies this morning and noticed one of my girls was not with the rest of them. Oh, no! My favorite EE...the one who loves to sit on my lap and is always the first out of the gate when it is time to freerange. Fearing the worse, I peeked inside the coop. Silly birdy was sitting in the nexting box. One beautiful blue egg under her. She half-heartedly tried to keep me away, but then let me pet her. I took the egg away and quickly gave her some scratch. Teen mom wannabe was easily lured away from the box by some yum-yums.

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