Silver AMERAUCANA Flock 1 Roo 4 Pullets Beautiful

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    This is a super tough decision to make.The Silver's are one of my favorites in our Ameraucana's. However,the pullets always see greener grass on the other side of the fence and the feed in the feeder next door is always better...My pens are not covered and won't be covered so there is going to be a constant conflict with them.These are directly from Jean-Pips & Peeps March and April chicks the girls are starting to redden up now..won't be long before they are laying!
    I'm not shipping these...the weight on them would just be outrageous.
    The roo is very hard to get a picture of...he stays very busy.All 4 pullets look alike-couldn't get them all to come out for picture day though
    Edited to add I have had PM's saying that the pullet to the left didn't meet the standards [​IMG] Sorry I forgot to put down that is NOT an Ameraucana at all but a Columbian Rock(she got nosy just as I was taking the pic) I will also separate the flock...Mr roo can stay here in my EE pen if you just need the pullets or not all 4 pullets. PM me for price
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