Silver Ameraucana or Easter Egger


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May 22, 2017
Got this rooster the other day on craiglist. Was told he came out of an Blue egg. but i been seen some pictures online and it looks very similar to an silver ameruacana. If anyone can help me. I jus want to make sure what i have.




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Feb 26, 2013
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Easter Egger, meaning that it may carry a blue egg gene and produce eggs of various colors. Those with a blue egg gene will lay blue, green, mint, olive, and many other shades with a blue undertone that is a result of the shell being blue. The shades of color are from a brown tinted coating that the hen will lay over the shell. Some EEs will lay pinkish or purplish colored eggs over a white shell. It all depends on the parentage.

EEs are a mixed breed of about any type of parentage and there is no standard on how they look as far as the size, body shape (type) and colors, though many will have the beard and muffs that are admired in Pure Ameraucanas.

Ameraucanas are bred to meet a strict set of rules about the body type, colors, patterns, muff/beards and "desired" egg color. Even pure Ameraucanas that do not meet the requirement of the standard are often sold as EE since they are not breeding or show quality. Their egg color can vary somewhat, but a true blue color is most desired. You can learn more about Ameraucanas and see examples of birds that meet the standard at

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