Silver Ameraucanas Roo cross Deleware Hen

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  1. Shiftyguy

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    Mar 4, 2013
    I am creating cross links this spring, Silver Ameraucanas Roo cross Deleware Hen, my understanding is that the Hen chicks will be solid black and the roos will be black with white, does anyone have pictures of this cross? Either as chicks or adults?

    Thanks I will Post pictures of my Roos later
  2. nicalandia

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    Jul 16, 2009

    Silver Ameraucana's Phenotype is of a Silver Duckwing bird based on wildtype.

    and their genotype is S/S(dominant Sex linked Silver) and wildtype e+/e+(Wildtype e allele) with all of other genes being wildtype making the males silver duckwing and females salmon breasted, both will have silver hackles. here is link of how they should look

    Delawares phenotype is Barred Silver Columbian and their genotype is S/S(dominant sex link Silver same as silver ameraucana) eWh/eWh(Wheaten e allele) Co/Co(dominant autosomal Columbian restrictor) and Sex linked Barred(B/- for this female)

    when you cross a Silver duckwing male over a Barred Silver Columbian female you will obtain the following results

    S/S Males and S/- females so all of them are Silver at the e locus
    C/co+ males and Co/co+ females so all of them are going to be Columbian restricted
    B/b+ barred males and b+/- none barred females..
    e+/eWh males and e+/eWh females. they will look like silver duckwing ameraucana chicks at hatch.

    what all these means? you will have sexlinks, Males will have chipmunk chick down with a yellow/cream headspot. Females will also have a chipmunk chick down but will lack the headspot.

    this is how the chicks should look

    The males will grow to be like Delaware males(Barred Silver Columbian)
    the females will look like Silver Columbian birds(like light sussex females)

    a word of advise. the wheaten e allele is known to be a very unstable e allele. meaning it never behaves as its expected..

    this is why? I hatched 3 chicks all of them are e+/eWh just two of them showed chipmunk chick down. one look pure wheaten. all of my ER/eWh chicks looked birchen at hatch BUT Tim Adkerson has hatched ER/eWh chicks that dont look Birchen at all..

    so expect sexlinks and some completely cream chicks which cant be sexed at hatch
  3. nicalandia

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    Jul 16, 2009
    my own e+/eWh chicks... they do look very much like normal e+/e+ chicks but not quite, but I believe this is good enough to use for sex links

    here 3 weeks old

    and here 1 week old with a ER/e+ chick(Black chick) and a e+/eWh chick that looks wheaten(yellow)

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