Silver and blue eared pheasants.

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  1. feather guy

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    Oct 19, 2013
    I have raised pheasants for some time now but recently brought in some new blood. I am currently in the process of building new runs however i had to purchase the birds now as the price was right. My question is can i house two pair of mature birds in one run until i get the new runs built? Its obviously not breeding season and the new runs will be built in approximately one month. the silver pheasants are 2012 hatch( 2 2012 hens and two 2012 cock birds , and the blue eared are all 2013 hatch( 2 cocks one hen)
  2. ST3PH3N

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    Jul 6, 2013
    Right off the bat I would say no. My blue-eared male would kill any male pheasant if he could, and silver pheasants are also pugnacious. If you need to house pheasants together it is best to introduce all of them into a new pen at the same time so none of them consider the pen their territory but I wouldn't trust your birds together for a minute. What I would suggest is put up temporary partitions (plywood, wire, sheet metal etc.) in your pen to keep your birds separate, and build another run asap.


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