Silver and Golden Laced Wyandotte hens need new home Portland OR


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Oct 4, 2020
Hello, these two ladies are beautiful and do lay eggs but they dislike everyone else and amp up the meanness in my flock. I tried to add two salmon faverolles and they will not have it - to the point of drawing blood while one was trying to lay an egg in the nesting box in the coop. They are less than a year old and really nicely feathered lovely birds. I tried chicken jail with no luck, and goggles but the golden one wouldn’t eat. I mention all this because I am hoping they could find a permanent home in a situation where this would not be a problem. So perhaps these are the only two birds you want to have. They are the quietest birds in a flock of 8, and they are ok with each other. Or perhaps you have a flock of Wyandottes. They would probably be OK with that. Or you have experience and think adding them to a new flock would work. They have been allowed to hang out in the back yard during the day and are good about staying in the yard.

and I might also add that the two in the flock that can deal with them are the sapphires. The sapphires are the top of the pecking order but somehow are much nicer to everyone. So, confident birds like sapphires are ok with these two. (the sapphires are great birds but a little hard on the yard. I think they might dig all the way to China if they thought there were worms there.)



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Aug 17, 2020
they are beautiful, my congratulations to you for trying everything and sticking to your no-violence house rules.

I am far away (in Canada) and it is crazy cold here. Too bad I can't get to you, the weather here is enough to make the meanest hen play nice to get a good spot next to the heat-lamp ;)

I could keep them isolated, we have a nest that has a door and the space outside, but the issue is getting them here.

Best of luck! they are beauties, they will find a forever home, no worries.

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