Silver australorp and jubilee Orpington, male or female?

John Knehr

Jan 4, 2018
I have 2 of my 11 week old chickens that I am still unsure of the sex. One is a Silver australorp named Sammy and one is a Jubilee Orpington named Steven. Any help the experts here could provide would be greatly appreciated. One of our chickens a black chochin is definitely a male and we have some hard decisions of we have 3 males.
I don't see a Jubilee Orpington in there and I've never heard of a silver Australorp. I can tell you that both birds in picture 1 are cockerels. And the bird in front in pic 2 is also a cockerel. He looks like a cream legbar or legbar cross.
I'm not sure on the silver one, I can't tell if the hackles are sickle shaped or not, but I see no sickle shaped saddle feathers, I think it's wings are obscuring a good view. The Orpington is definitely a boy.
I was actually thinking it might be an early maturing pullet (the Australorp), but it's still hard for me to tell even with the extra picture. I guess you'll know if it crows.

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