silver duckwing from a gold duckwing roo?

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    is it possible?

    i hatched 2 roos last year, both i presume fathered by my gold duckwing EE roo, mothers could be different. hatched the same day. now one is the spitting image of my EE roo. the sibling roo is also near enough the same apart from where the other has gold, he is silver/white?

    would their mother have been the same hen or different? (the broody who hatched them out was sitting on about 10 different hens eggs)

    i can try and get some pics after, just wondered was it possible they had the same mum? would really like some more of the silver coloured roo [​IMG]
  2. banjoejoe4783

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    Oct 6, 2010
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    yes you can get a silver duckwing from a gold because to make a gold you put a silver of a bbr and you will get gold but the hens will look just like the siver so breeding gold to gold will give you silver and gold back
  3. Illia

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    If the original father EE rooster is a golden duckwing (both silver and gold alleles) then yes, you can get a silver from him by crossing him to a gold hen or silver hen.

    If the original father EE is a gold/BBR (both gold alleles) then no, you will not get any silver offspring. The male offspring will be golden, though, where they will show silvery yellow and red coloring.

    If you bred a golden duckwing to a straight gold female, you'll get a 50/50 of gold or silver, but the roosters will be golden or gold.
    If you bred a golden male to a silver female, you'll get golden and silver males, gold and silver females.
    If you bred a straight gold/BBR male to a silver female, you'll get gold females and golden males.

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