Silver Fox Rabbits


6 Years
May 17, 2013
Kentucky, USA
I've decided that the Silver Fox is the breed that I want to start breeding and raising. I've already gotten my hands on lots of books, forums, and groups. Just wondering if you could all give me your experiences with the breed. And pictures of course! And also what type of set up you have(cage, colony, etc.). I plan to start them on pellets/hay then move to a more "natural" method once I'm confident enough to start.

Thanks in advance! :)


Apr 24, 2015
I don't have any personal experience with the breed, but if I were getting into rabbits they would be a likely contender. Are you planning on raising them for meat, fur, show, pets?

I'm interested in what you are thinking of feeding them. Do you have it planned out already or not yet? I remember reading about a farm that feeds their meat rabbits a mixture of grass, vegetables and herbs only- everything raised on the farm.


7 Years
Oct 18, 2014
Silver Fox rabbits are beautiful...i have never personally had any, but have always admired them.

I started by keeping my rabbits in cages, but i hate to see any animal in a cage, so i moved them to a colony style free range. It is very expensive to build a rabbit proof free range house, but they love it! I still have some boys in cages part-time since they fight. If you are planning to give them access to grass, the only thing that keeps them in in my experience is digging up the entire area about 1 foot down, laying fencing down, then reburying it. It is hard, but they like the grass. I made a couple per pen so i could move pastures and give them fresh grass.

I also feed them naturally. I pretty much grow all the food they eat (except for the hay, i don't have enough room for that. I free feed hay, and they also get various lettuces, cucumbers, herbs, carrot tops, beet tops, celery greens, etc. They also graze during the day. I grow corn, wheat, and oats to give them as a supplement to hay during the winter. They also get herbs and some other veggies during the winter if we have extra.

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