silver / golden coturnix mixes?


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Jul 17, 2015
Perth, Western Australia
Hi all

I noticed that this chick has different feather markings than its hatchmates and is also a lighter dilution

Hatchmates have normal banding:

I very much love the different banding this mating produced.

The dad is who he got these markings from.


Sorry he is a total pain to get photos of.
You can kinda see his dark back colour with very light chest and dark face and beak.

I have asked what colour he was before and was told "roux" but I did not feel this was correct because as a chick he was almost identical to the pharaohs til he grew in rich brown feathers. He has the wider banding on his back too, with the cross marking. I recently got some italian girls and his feathers do not really look like theirs. I have not had any other birds that look like him before him though i had a white male i rehomed so there could be anything under there.

I have got 2 other marked like this from him from a non-silver crossing. They are identical to their father when he was little.

The silver makes it much more striking in contrast.

I am inclined to call this golden when people ask what colours I have.
Should I continue to do so?

What colour are roux chicks? (I dont have any as far as i know, unless its mixed with my silvers which is possible due to the range of colours ive been getting in silvers) I have googled many times but keep getting recipes and pictures of unrelated colours.
These guys are literally identical to pharaoh but are missing the warm shading on the head as chicks. You miss it unless you really look. I looked with that hatch and only noticed 1 but ended up with two.

My Italians have much thinner lines on a lighter yellow base as chicks.

What should i call a mix of the silver and golden?


I've sussed out how the quail colour genes work and interact on their own, bit I am unsure of what to call certain colours thanks to differing standard names. I am also unsure if in Australia our birds have different genes and colours. My silvers do not look like canadian silver for example since there's not been any selective heavy breeding done afaik. I also see lots of people calling italians blonde here. I assume it is the same thing.


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Sep 17, 2014
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Beautiful Birds you have! I've found some good information regarding silver and other coturnix mutations on German websites. These mutations are VERY new to us in the USA and other places...making somewhat difficult to find references that pinpoint mutations, especially combined mutations. Just use the translation tool on your Google searches, and like magic, a whole new section of the Coturnix world is at your fingertips :)
I'll post links to some of the sites I use when I'm not surfing the web on the clock, haha!

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