Silver Grey Dorking Pullet

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    Mar 28, 2011
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    I have a single McMurray Pullet for sale. She is 18 weeks old, and is decent quality from what I can tell - for McMurray stock. I have been unhappy with the personalities of the McMurray birds, more than anything, out of this batch, and I have a Horstman pullet who will be taking her place. I have obtained the *single* DH pullet and two cockerels, which will increase my base from a single pair to a whopping TWO pairs, but by then both cocks will be DH rather than McMurray.

    Anyhow, this extra McMurray girl needs a new home, as I'd really like to eliminate the unreasoning skittishness she displays in favor of the "sweetness" that the DH birds show. It really is a remarkable difference.
    Because of this, I am only asking $15 for her.

    I am in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I can ship, but I will have to order a box for her.

    Shipping a bird this size usually runs $65.

    Pickup is fine as well if you are close.
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