Silver Laced & Columbian Bantam cochin cockerels

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    First cockerel is one of this year's hatch from my project pen working toward silver laced bantam cochins. The cockerel has yellow feet, good foot feathering, proper eyes. He's from a columbian x silver laced mating. The lacing is not defined on him, but that's why its a project in the making. He would be a useful for someone to breed to hatchery quality hens. He will provide better body type upon hatchery birds and help carry along the lacing gene. He's a tad yellow in the hackle. He's priced at $8 as I'd like to move him. Shipping is $55.

    Second cockerel is a columbian hatched this year. Nice male who came from Dick Horstman's flock. The cockerel has yellow feet, good foot feathering, proper eyes. He's a tad yellow in the hackle. Wide chest but would like to see a wider cushion if I were to keep him. But for someone looking to breed columbian he is a good start. He'd even be good for a silver laced project to help improve body type off of hatchery birds. He's priced at $10. Shipping is $55.
    Both will be going to our local swap on Nov 10 if not sold prior. No females available for either one. But if you want both boys, I'll knock $10 off total price. First person to reply as "SOLD" (indicate what cockerel you want or both) and full payment made, will receive 1 or both
    I include watermelon or cantaloupe in the box for moisture. Payment only by paypal to [email protected]
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