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    Oct 25, 2014
    Well, my Rooster and his girls are now 10months old, and I'm still waiting to get 1 stinking fertile egg. My Bielefelders can fertilize at 4-5mths old!

    I had been discouraged only to discover that the ONLY way my Whiting True Blues are fertile is BECAUSE of my SLO Roo.

    So, hopefully my SLO girls will start showing some fertility soon.

    Does anybody know how I can tell what the chicks might look like when they get older between the SLO Roo & Whiting True Blue Hens? The hens have white earlobes, slate legs, one is black, and the other hen is all gray.

    I have hatched 2 chicks from a SLO Roo and WTB Hens, and they look mostly black, wing edge looks mottled brown/black, chest is white, and legs are slate.

    At one time someone sent me a chicken calculator, but have since lost it.

    I think I lucked out, too, in that I believe I have 2 girls.

    Maybe I can create a SLO that lays blue eggs! LOL

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