"Silver laced project"


Jul 13, 2016
So I got my first 3 chicks from a nice local farmer who said they are English Orpingtons from her "silver laced project" I think they are just so dang cute and I can't wait to see what they grow up to look like. Would love to know if anyone has had chicks within this breed that looked like these little two-weekers? Show me your chicks! Also, thoughts on gender? One of the fair chicks is much bigger than the other two, that's Poppy. The black one, Lily, is the smallest and Daisy is pretty dainty as well. :)


Poppy, front and center, is the biggest!


Daisy is in front of Poppy here and Lily is to the left.


Another angle of Lily while Poppy and Daisy look like a two-headed chick lol
In English Orpingtons the pullets feather in a lot faster than the males. So the dark one is definitely a cockerel, and I think one of the light ones is as well. I'd say they are out a silver laced crossed to a white. I don't raise any silver laced so I'm no help with pics, sorry.
Bummer! I love my little Lily! At least the woman I got them from said she woukd switch out any roos for me. (We aren't allowed roos where I live.)
So looking at them again the black one has probably a few more real feathers on the wings than daisy and few less than poppy. They are all black and really blend in in the picture. Is it possible to still be a pullet?
It is possible, but its also getting a pretty good comb as well. Its likely a cockerel, but not impossible to be a pullet. Wait a couple more weeks and you'll know for sure.

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