Silver laced rooster question


8 Years
Dec 28, 2011
We recently were given a rooster with the purchase of all of this man's hens. He told me that this silver laced rooster was registered and he does have a number band on his foot. I can't figure out any information on registered roosters though, and I would like to sell or trade him, but not until I figure out more info. Can anyone help? Thanks
I've never heard of such a thing so let's hope someone has an answer here?

I have never heard of a chicken being registered. He might be registered in something himself, but I don't think the rooster would. I keep a brood book and will use bands to identify a chicken (parents, age, breed, etc.).
I did find this.....
Registering your flock
If you have 50 or more birds you must register your flock. You must do this even if you only have 50 or more birds for part of the year. If you have fewer than 50 birds you do not have to register, but Defra encourage keepers to do so on a voluntary basis. This is to help alert owners in case of disease outbreaks.


Not sure where you are located....there are different rules and regulations depending on where you live.​
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Pretty sure it's a registration of NPIP. Each bird tested had a numbered band placed on their's HIS way of keeping track of his breeding..silver laced what?
might be a tag on the roosters breed club page for them to help the owner keep track of him and his offspring but i have never heard of a chicken of any type being registered...after 10 post can please post a pic of the rooster and the band you are talking about for us to see and futher help you

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