Silver Laced Wyandotte 11 week old pullet???


7 Years
Nov 11, 2012
Fayetteville, NC
I ordered day old sexed pullets from a hatchery and one is my silver laced wyandotte.
It never crossed my mind that it may not be a pullet, until a couple weeks ago when I realized one of my Production Red pullets was actually a cockeral.

This is the only wyandotte I got, so there wasn't another for comparisson, and at the time I discovered the roo this one looked like the rest.

Today as I'm out there feeding them, I'm looking at Lucille (my SLW) and I'm like OMG another rooster!!!

I know sexing chicks isn't a guarantee (though hatcheries guarantee 90% accuracy), but out of 4 sexed pullets in this order I'm thinking 2 were males. That's terrible odds!

My other production red is the same age, and has red in her comb, wattles and face but her wattles aren't as big and it's not as deep of a red. Both have the same leg thickness, and I am sure the red is a female. Sorry pics aren't the best, they wouldn't hold still!


She was hatched in mid-late February, I can't find the invoice, but she's about 11 weeks old.

The hatchery agreed to refund me the $1.81 I paid for each without the shipping charges, but that isn't any justification to me because we spent almost 3 months raising them!!!!

Should I wait it out and hope for the best, or do I definitely have another roo on my hands???
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