Silver Laced wyandotte - am I right or my husband?


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Hubby thinks pullet - I say cockerel. I hope he is right though! It is about 10.5 weeks old. I have 3 really good pictures but for some reason it will not let me upload those (says that it is not a jpeg but it is) so here are the 3 that it will let me upload. Hopefully they are good enough!



Right behind a New Hampshire roo and the pullets are in front - they are the same age but very different combs
I vote pullet -I think your husband is right- I have a SLW that looked just like that at that age - and "she" is the beauty queen of the flock- and a prolific layer of gorgeous light brown eggs.
As far as breeder/hatchery - I bought a dozen brown eggs from a local place that sells lots of chicks. I can't see the adults and I don't know where they originally got them from. Does it look like good quality?

I bought the eggs that they sell for eating rather than paying per egg for a specific breed cause I just wanted brown egg layers. This was the only SLW so I don't have anything to compare it to. Obviously from the pictures, it is so much different than the New Hampshires (or barred rocks I had)! It's comb is so small and it's legs so thin. Our other cockerels legs are like tree trunks yet compared to the pullets, the SLW is way more red.
Nothing screams roo, but it does resemble more to be rooish than a pullet. My girls looked similar, but the waddles on yours is much larger so I'm leaning roo at this point also, but hopefully I'm wrong.

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