Silver laced wyandotte gender help PLEASE!!


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Nov 20, 2018

I have these 2 beautiful SLW, 1 I know for sure
is a pullet but the other has us worried. Now I have recognized that the one in question is a tad older than the other (Tad bigger and has started that crackling cluck). Also I have 2, year and a half old Barnvelder hens so I kind of know what to look for in the sense of pullet traits. Here's the back story, a friend had gotten 7 or so chicks from tractor supply for free because of hurricane Flourence coming. So he had 2 SLW, 3 White Brama, and 2 of another breed as well (cant remember the breed) told him I'd take the 2 SLW. So this is why I'm unsure of the exact age. I believe they are around 15ish weeks. Also in the neighborhood we live in they will not let us have roo's, so I really hope it's not. Here are some photos from today. Please help lol
The top 2 images are the same 1 in question
The bottom image is the one I know is a pullet.

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