Silver Laced Wyandotte Hen Started Crowing This Morning.


Apr 15, 2016
I just picked up a couple of Silver Laced Wyandotte Hens (I think?). I had two 1 year old Plymouth Barred Rock hens but they really started beating up on the darker of the two SLW's. Tore about a 1" wide by 4" long block of feathers off the back of the neck along with some puncture wounds. I gave away the one BR that I thought was causing the problem. Since then the Alpha BR, which I kept, is pretty much keeping to herself. Both SLW's are staying out of her way. They are however starting to sleep together in the roost now. I used hydrocortizone 1% on their wounds and they seem to be healing. No idea how long it will take for the feathers to regrow? The interesting thing is, my wife and I both heard one of them crow like a rooster this morning. I am not allowed to have backyard roosters in my city! Can anyone tell looking at these photos what you think I may have? Thank you for any replies! View attachment 1023904 View attachment 1023905

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Aug 16, 2015
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Your hens might have a hormone issue that could be causing her to crow. I have a hen who mounts other hens but she still lays eggs and right now she's broody I guess she just a bit different but she never crows. I'd look up why and how to stop a hen from crowing because it has happened before with other hens, but it's not common. I remember looking up why my hen was mounting other hens but it turns out it's just a dominance thing but some of the sites said som e useful info on hens crowing

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