Silver Laced Wyandotte, I thought


12 Years
Jul 31, 2007
Sanford N.C.
When I got my chicks 2 of them were suppose to be SLW. I have been noticing a diffence in their size color and leg color. Henderson's Breed Chart says that Wyandottes have yellow legs and the bigger chick does, this one has blue legs, is smaller than her sister. Did I get a different breed? The breeder I got her from has Lakenvelders, do you think she might be one? Thanks all

Im not sure what it is, I don't think is is a SLW. My SLW 3 week old chick is much darker with white lacing.... It really is pretty though whatever it is!!
that is most definitley NOT a SLW!!! Ours is 5-6 weeks old and is dark with faint white lacing and very heavily feathered feet.
DUUUUHHHHHHH!!!!! Geesh, what a brain far* LOLOLOL!!! We have a silver laced cochin!! SORRY!!

But it's still NOT a SLW regardless of how silly I am!

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