Silver Laced Wyandotte? Pullet or cockerel? almost 6 wks old

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Jan 22, 2011
You guys have been so terrific with my newbie questions! Our chicks are almost 6 wks old and we are still curious about our 'bonus' chick that Murray McMurray included with the order as a 'rare, exotic' breed. We agree with several that say a SLW is not rare or exotic
but nonetheless, we don't know for sure about this bird! Any thoughts on gender and is it SLW? One other dumb question....when does the terminology change from 'chick' to 'pullet' or 'cockerel'? THANKS!




I'm sorry, but I'm going to say cockerel. That comb is getting big and wide and RED and the wattles are already red. At that age, I would think boy. Those feet look pretty big as well. I don't know wyandottes though, so I could be wrong. I'm not sure if coloring has anything to do with male/female and what they are supposed to look like at this age.

It sure is pretty!
on the other hand, it is nicely tailed. It has been awhile since I had wyandottes, but I remember the roos feathering slower. I am not sure on this one
Sorry but I have to agree, it looks like a boy to me. The coloring looks like it is coming in roo. If you google SLW rooster you will find pictures and see what I mean.
Sorry for the double post, I have reported it and hopefully it will go away.
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Thanks everyone for the feedback. Consensus seems to be that 'bonus' chicken is a HE. We're so new at this that we don't know what that means for our flock. We just wanted eggs, so he'll not help with that! He is beautiful and since he's unique the kids are quite attached. I suppose we'll have time to plan what to do with him as they all grow!

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