silver laced wyandotte


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7 Years
Apr 23, 2012
Can some one tell me if these silver laced pullets will eventually look like a true silver laced or will they always look mottled. They are 8 wks. old. They do not have true lacing in my mind, but maybe it's a teenager thing ?? Thanks !
They are still in their juvenile plumage so it's hard to say what they'll look like as they mature. However, my guess is that they're from a hatchery & that while they may get better they'll never be good examples of the breed.
I live in upstate New York Albany Schenectady Troy area. I am looking for silver laced wyandottes or partridge wyandottes standard exhibition quality. I would like to hatch eggs or buy day-old chicks. Do you know of anyone in my area? The closest person I can find is near Buffalo 5 hours away.



PS Do you have "real" Rhode Island Reds? I remember Dick Laggenbeck I may be misspelling the name. He was a breeder judge PhD from Cornell. He had a trio he showed to me shortly before he passed away. He said it was important not to get production quality red and that the real thing was hard to find.

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