SILVER LACED X BLACK / Has anyone done this ?


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What happens when you cross a pure silver laced Roo with a pure black hens ???

Silver Laced Roo X with Black Hen.

What are the color possibilities or Exact results of this color cross ???

Wyandottes & Old English ?

Needing help ASAP !

Thank You,
For your input.
yes black to anything will pretty much be all black. If you continue to cross those back to the laced eventually you will get back to laced, but will take years and a ton of black culling. Black pretty much cancels out other colors and patterns, except blue, dun and dominate white
It only takes crossing the first generation to start getting different colors and expecially different patterns. To try to be a little more specific, if you cross a silver laced rooster with a black hen, you will get 100% solid black offspring. I would not be totally shocked to see something else leak through a bit on the roosters, but basically solid black. If you then cross a solid black male from this cross to a solid black female from this cross, you will get about 75% solid black chickens, but the other chickens will be white, gold, or black with patterns such as laced, quail, partridge, or columbian. The gold expresses itself as a light red in the hens but as a dirty reddish white in the roosters.
That is true to a degree. If you back cross the all black F1 offspring to each other, you will start to get other colors, columbians, laced etc, BUT the ratio is 1 in a thousand for those! Most hens wont quite lay that many in a year, LOL all others are simply going to be black, may have a touch of color leakage, but mainly just black.

Now if you take the F1 blacks back to the silver laced, the second generation is laced and black, laced will be 1 in 32, much easier, just not the other colors.
Good way to improve your silver laced bloodlines if that is the OP's goal
If you run Henk's calculator, you'll see that the ratio in favor of solid black is not 1000 to 1 but 3 to 1 in the cross of the offspring. If you take the pullet from the cross and breed her back to her father, the silver laced, you get 50% solid black and 50% silver laced, not 32 to 1. If you need help running the calculator, please let me know. I'll be glad to go through the steps for either case.
okay 75% will be black off a back cross
the other 25% will be one of dozens of colors, most ratioed on his calculator at 1 or 2 per 1000 odds of getting though

yes, you are right, I guess if you add up the silver laced, and incomplete laced, it is 50-50 on the f2 cross!
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So chances are good that I will get a mojority black ?

Thanks everyone
If you cross a pure silver laced rooster with a pure black hen, that cross should produce 100% black offspring in appearance. Their genetics are no longer pure, but the appearance should be.

I'm using the word "should" in here because I crossed a Speckled Sussex rooster with a Black Australorp hen. In theory, that offspring should be solid black in appearance, just like theory say yours should be. My pullets from that cross were solid black when they grew up, but my "solid black" roosters had splashes of red or gold on them. Not much. Just a few feathers around the shoulders. While in theory your roosters from the silver laced to black mix should be solid black, it would not surprise me if some other color, probably white, showed up somewhere. Not much, just a few feathers. Of course, they may actually be solid black.

What Boggy and I were discussing was what happens after that first generation. Since the genetics of that cross are not pure, the grandchildren of your initial chickens can have various appearances. That's one thing I like about mutts.

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