Silver Penciled Wyandotte Owners/Breeders


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11 Years
Dec 22, 2008
Roy, Washington
Well, I have finally figured out what our rare chick was from McMurrays. Silver Penciled Wyandotte. I have looked online to find out more about this chick and why it is a rare chick but every article says the same thing. They all must have copied the original author. So to all of you out there, Why is it rare and what do you cross to get one?


11 Years
Aug 6, 2008
a valley; by a brook.
Why is it rare and what do you cross to get one?

Hello Kelly,
Sorry no-one replied. Have ou got any pictures of your chick?

Silver pencilled wyandottes are not rare everywhere, I suppose if they are rare in US maybe not a lot of people breed them. Wyandottes are a purebreed so one cannot cross two breeds together to make one. Though one could recreate them but that would take years.​

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