silver pencilled pekins


10 Years
Mar 17, 2009
Calling on the genetecists ,how can I produce a silver pencilled pekin ,and what colour pekin would I need to start with,I was thinking using the silver pencilled wyandotte but not sure what colour pekin to use


12 Years
Jul 22, 2009
Alapaha, Ga
Where are you located ? There are already a few SP Cochins (Pekins) here in the US buy I doubt, there are any good quality ones. But if you can't find any it would be best to use an SP Rock bantam roo on Golden Partrdge Cochin hens, that will give pure SP colored hens in the first cross, and you can work from there. Or instead of out crossing with a SP breed, it may be better to introduce silver from a Columbian or Silver laced Cochin, into the Gold Partrigde Cochina and breed back from there, since Silver penciled/partridge is the same color as golden penciled/partreidge, just will silver instead of gold.


10 Years
Jan 10, 2010
I would agree with Rareroo. I think that the cross of either SP Rocks(bc of the straight comb) and partridge cochins would be a very good start. To keep featherlegs but lose the comb I would next try Dark Brahmas and Partridge Cochins. There are some SP Cochins around here in the US, mainly hatchery stock is all I have ever seen. Perhaps a good start would be good quality Partridge Cochins with the poorer quality SP Cochins. That way you would have at least a start with the type and feather legs and you could work on the pencilling with the Partridge. This is a project I have thought of starting for many years just havent decided to jump into that. Silver Pencilled birds may be the most striking of color patterns but are oh so difficult to work with at times. Double mating is mostly necessary although I did have one line of SP Wyandottes that were single mating bred that produced good birds.

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