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Jul 26, 2017
Geneseo, NY
I own 3 silver pheasants and currently house them in a 8x12 foot pen thats 5 feet tall behind our garage. 2 of them are a breeding pair and the other is their year old chick. I'm thinking about revevating their pen and making it larger. I'm just wondering what some other people's pens look like and around how much space they should have, and most importantly what its made of and what kind of structure it has, because what i currently have is all chicken wire and the weight of the snow really does a number on it. Thanks

I'll ad pictures when i can.
Howdy SilverKing78, here's a few pics of 1 of my enclosures. The individual pens are 5' wide, 6' high and 30' length. The sheltered area is 8' high and 12' in depth. Weather exposed areas, treated lumber was used for the structure. Has corrigated metal roofing. Sheltered area is covered with 3/8" plywood siding. Had to order a heavy duty poultry wire, its a heavier gauge than the normal chicken wire. An apron extends out 2' around entire enclosure, buried 6" and gravel on top. It's split level construction due to slope of ground.

Here are mine.The first pens are 6x12x6 and constructed of rough cut 2x4s covered Metal roofing and 1/2x1/2 hardware cloth.
The 2nd pens are 8x16x8 with the same contruction,except is has a pressure treated base.
In N.H.,Tony.


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After raising pheasants for over 35 years,I've learned to not cut corners.Spend a little more and keep your birds safe from predators and you will find your birds will live longer.I've had many birds live for over 20 years of age.The 2nd year I moved to this location I had a fox come in 2 nights in a row and kill over 40 young birds.After that I rebuilt with the hardware cloth and an apron around the perimeter and have nothing get in since.Well I shouldn't say nothing,those darn squirrels and I can't shot them because I'm too close to neighbors all around.
In N.H.,Tony.
We had that problem with our chickens 3yrs ago. Thought we could save some money on the fence material, and had a raccoon get in and kill one of the birds, we quickly replaced all the fencing with heavy duty stuff, and then took care of the raccoon that night when he came back again. We learned our lesson and haven't had any problems since.
racoons can be a bad problem, those dang critters are smart. luckily for me my dogs are penned up rite by my birds and that seems to be keeping them away

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