Silver Ring's Cuban Sandwich


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12 Years
Apr 29, 2007
Silver Ring in Tampa, FL has been around for years and makes , by far , the best Cuban Sandwiches.
Cuban bread is hard enough to find here in GA, so I am sure is a challenge elsewhere. You could substitute a crusty french but it won't be quite the same.

1 1/2 Loaves Cuban Bread 1/4 lb Thin sliced Swiss Cheese
Mustard and Butter 1/4lb thin sliced Italian Salami
3/4 lb Baked Ham, thin sliced lengthwise sliced dill pickles
1/2 lb roast pork, thin sliced

Cut Cuban bread into 6 pieces 8" long. Split lengthwise and spred mustard on one piece and butter on the other. Divide ham, pork, cheese and salami among the 6 sandwiches, arranging in layers on bread.
These are best if served Hot Pressed and warm but good cold too.

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11 Years
Apr 20, 2008
Birnamwood, Wisconsin
Dang it you people and your Really good and calorie filled recipes!
Ok time to turn back on the printer!!!!

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