Silver Spangled Hamburgs and Bantams Free In Eastern Iowa Pick up only


12 Years
Aug 11, 2007
We have these two beautiful SSH Roosters that we can't keep. They get along very well and it would be wonderful if they could go together they are always running together. If not you are welcome to either one of them. We need to find homes for both.
Pick up only its no fair to ship them at this age.


We also have 5-10 Banties to get rid of. The two young hens I want $2 each for. The others are free. One rooster maybe 2 as well. I don't have pictures of these yet, but most have feathered feet and are part OEGB and something else. Some may lay green tinted eggs.
If ever I wished I lived in Iowa, now is it! I have been looking for a SSH roo ALL SUMMER! I finally gave up and bought some hopefully by spring I'll have an adult! How come all the birds I've been looking for are available halfway across the country??? I hope you find someone to take them in...and I'll try not to be jealous! LOL

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