SilverLaced Wyandotte or Silver Penciled Plymouth Rock


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Nov 13, 2012
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I just recently caught the chicken bug
I was told that the bottom 2 in the photo are Silver Laced Wyandottes and the top 2 are Silver Penciled Plymouth Rocks however the older they get the more the look the same to me. Can anyone tell me the correct breed? They are very well mannered birds and when I get more I would like to get the same breed.

The bottom two are silver laced wyandotte hens.
The top two could be silver pencilled rocks, but they may also be mixed. Their pencilling pattern isn't very crisp and nice, usually silver pencilled birds are so striking! Do a search and see what the quality hens look like.

If you're just wanting more good layers, docile, both wyandottes and rocks are a good way to go.
Yes, Silver laced Wyandotte hens are on the bottom... But the top two are not pencilled, they are like a Birchen color or like Silver Marans, the color is Identicle They could be very well be mixs. But some of the "Mutts" can be the prettiest!
It being Rocks? IDK, But they have great type.. compared to the wyandottes..
Thank you for responding. I am already addicted to the site.

I love the temperament of top two. They are VERY sweet and follow me like a puppy around my yard, even eating out of the kids hands. The Wyandottes are a little hyper lol I also have 2 White Leghorns and 3 white Silkies. They really all compliment one another but the one in the top 2 photos are by far my favorites, just wish I knew what breed they where

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