Simple Cash Register / Point of Sale (POS) for small store

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    Hi everyone, [​IMG]

    I will open a small store selling small goods like cigarette, sugar, cooking oil, etc. I want to make it a little modern. [​IMG] I mean, I'd like it work like in modern retail.

    # I want to be able to put how many goods in my store into program database, set product description and price
    # when selling goods, I want to use barcode scanner, when a barcode being scanned the program should enter name and price of product automatically into list that will be printed to customer, while seller define amount of product manually
    # program count total amount and put it at the end of list printed to buyer
    # program automatically decrease amount of product in database, so I can check how many goods and what goods been sold to customer

    it should be a real simple program, I've search through net, I get confused since some only support 4-5 digits of number and US$ currency while we got many digits of number here.
    well, US$1 is Rp.9000 here quite a bit of digits. while some support very complicated feature that I don't understand (well, I don't have good english).

    my problem is that I need a simple free program that could handle tasks like I've described above, can anyone suggest me or give me simple program that can do that tasks? I don't expect too much but I prefer 'window' based program than command line based. [​IMG] thank you for helping me.. [​IMG]
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    There ought to be someone on here who could help you, but from what you describe, I wouldn't think it a simple program.

    Good luck and God bless.
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    Nov 16, 2009
    Will get our company's technical guy to contact you
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    Quote:thank you, I hope so...

    good luck too and God bless.... [​IMG]
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    Quote:wow, are they going to help me? [​IMG] thank you. [​IMG]
  6. mulia24

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    no help? [​IMG]

    thank you in advance... [​IMG]
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