Simple & cheap high-quality homemade feed recipe?

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    We feed our flock decent quality feed, but we can't afford the super high-end organic stuff. We have plenty of space for foraging, including large patches of ivy which the chickens seem to find all kinds of goodies in, and they free-range 24/7, so I figured it didn't make much difference what we give them as long as it's good enough to be sold at the boutique urban grange in our neighborhood. But then recently I tasted a friend's eggs who also keeps backyard chickens and they were definitely a little bit tastier than ours. Yolks were somewhat bigger and darker. The difference could be a variety of factors beyond our control, but she does buy higher quality feed (she said something about organic layer pellets from a specific store out in the suburbs). So now I've got it in my head that I want to make my own feed if it's possible to do it cost-effectively. Most recipes I've seen involve a ton of different ingredients, some of which seem quite similar to each other. I have precious little start-up cash so I'm looking for something that will provide good nutrition and hopefully produce tastier eggs that has only, say, about half a dozen ingredients. I do have a mealworm colony I started a couple months ago and I think it will be time to start feeding the live mealworms by the time we're through our current supply of feed, so they will be getting extra protein that way. Right now they get freeze-dried mealworms from the feed store, but I can't afford to give them much.

    So, who's got the 411 on a high-quality layer feed recipe that is cheap and easy to scrounge up? [​IMG]

    Also: I worry that if I do this, the top-ranked hens will go in and steal all the yummiest stuff before the lowly ones get any. With store-bought feed, all the pellets are uniform so it's not a concern. Has anyone had experience with this and can let me know the deal? Thanks!
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