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    Here in Singapore it is an offence to rear chickens or any poultry if you are living in apartments.unless you are filthy rich enough to buy a private property or house, you can expect hefty fines or possible jail term for rearing livestock.even then you are only allowed to a maximum of 10 chickens per private housing and anyone caught breeding chickens will also be seems kind of ridiculous because the reason we're not allowed to rear chickens or poultry in apartments is the concern of avian virus and diseases.not to mention the lack of knowledge to rear them..won't private housing chickens contract avian viruses or diseases??are private housing owners extremely knowledgeable compared to apartment owners?? it's very contradicting and frustrating in the way they have laws about poultry here.private housing here in Singapore is extremely extremely expensive!even though chances of changes in the law seems bleak..Some people I believe, do rear chickens in apartments and I'm one of them.I rear mine in my room in a 4ft by 3ft by 4ft coop.currently I only have 1 hen but I'm getting another girl soon.I don't think I am less knowledgeable about chickens and it's all Thanks to you guys who make BYC an extremely useful and exciting you guys So much for the help I've received from you guys.
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    Keep on doing what you are doing! I lived in the middle east for 3 years and evasion of the law was a fine art form!
    Hang in there, Sue [​IMG]
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    Evading silly laws is always a fascinating topic, and in my opinion, a worthwhile pursuit! I studied Singapore for a project in middle school, and I remember learning about how strict the laws are there--with respect to just about everything. It's so interesting to read chicken reports from around the world, I hope you will continue to post. And keep on keepin' on. [​IMG]

    Edited to add: I think I've read that seramas are often kept as house pets in Malaysia?
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